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Wake up and talk to me!

Hi! I'm Kathy King, the author of the book and music on this website. I've never done a blog before so be patient with me while I learn. I've had to learn how to do a lot of new things in able to write this book so I'll add writing a Blog to the list.

I hadn't written a lot of songs before I took on the task of writing a whole CD full of lullabies. Love songs, yes, lullabies, no! Luckily I had the inspiration of two new granddaughters born during the six years it took to complete this project. I had to learn how to put together a book filled with my artwork. The art is all on canvas, some large and some small but all of it had to go from the painting on the wall into the book.

Finally, designing a website was way out of my area of expertise so I found some help. I will be glad to share anything that I learned along the way.

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