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Book Team


Ron Cobb and his daughter, Kasey Shepherd of Ron Cobb’s Printing Service in Franklin, TN did the actual printing and binding of the book. I am so blessed to have this man with his 45 years of experience in the printing business willing to take on the final stage of the book. I am also blessed to have him as my brother-in-law and Kasey as my niece. It’s Kasey’s family that was used to illustrate the song “My Family”!

Ron Cobb


Bethany Hoover is a local graphic designer who helped in converting and preparing this book for print. She is an alumna of UA Little Rock with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. She loved the city but
has made her way back home to Southeast Arkansas. She works full time but still has a passion for freelance design and

Bethany Hoover


Natalie took on the big job as editor of the book. She spent 33 years teaching High School English in Arkansas and Missouri before volunteering for this job. She was needed to corral my tendency to put commas in every sentence whether they were needed or not. Natalie is my precious aunt by marriage.

Natalie Griffith


Stanford was an advisor who got me started with domain names and basically a crash course in everything else I needed to know about book design. He is a professional graphic
designer in St. Louis! Stanford is my nephew by marriage. I sure hit the jackpot when I married Terry Swilley!

Stanford Griffith


Irvin was the “quality control officer” who kept Natalie on task with her editing. I just didn’t want to leave him out.

Irvin Griffith

Music Team


John is the engineer and producer at J3 Studios in Crossett, Arkansas. He was the person who recorded my vocals at J3 studios.

John Dumas


Bill did the initial mixing of the vocals and was responsible
for trying to make me sound good. Ha ha

Bill Kelley


Terry is my husband. He was responsible for recording the
original song tracks for the song demos on the LullabyBook2020. He is a song writer who has written and
produced two other albums.

Terry Swilley

Website Team


The students who designed this website are from the Drew Central EAST program. Gracie Dison is a 15 year old cheerleader and EAST student champion. Jacob Bennett is a 17 year old 4 year art students and enjoys skateboarding. We are very grateful to work with Dr. Kathy King.

Gracie Dison and Jacob Bennett


Mr. Bussell has been an EAST teacher for 2 years. He has a bachelor of science in spatial information systems and a masters of art and teaching. He has helped these students learn how to build websites and been very supportive throughout the whole process.

Chris Bussell

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